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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gosh.... It's new year's eve and i am having major headache over here.... Yup... Am working today... unlike the lucky ones who have leaves to clear... zzzzz.......

So ya..... what a way to try to welcome in the new year... OK OK... I will end my year sulkingly... kekek... and shall welcome 2009 with open arms and grand positivity....

So No regrets for the year 2008... all tribulations are just tests of patience and lesson learnt... 2009 I await u....

Cheers and Jolly Be!!!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
To those who are joining hands in holy matrimony...

Tonnes of weddings going on this months... I think for those who have lots of frens, chances for them to have frens who are getting married this month is very very high and it is also the time to see your wallet bleed... hahaha... from the 'joy' of receiving the big bomb to attending the wedding.... your wallet will bleed for sure.. aside from the angpows.. there is the bachelor night you need to bring the "soon to be not single person" to (*zzz.. evie and ah per) - guess most of you know the amount of money spent for a hot night out, nice food and booze.. zzzz..... then there is this colour coordinated theme for what you wear during the reception, the tea ceremony (zzz... if you are the Heng Tai (brothers) or the Ji Muis (sisters))... which means going to Robinson to get those dresses when it is on 50% discount (wkakakak.... yup buy on sales or else my wallet will not only bleed... it will just be buried, no chance of being resuscitate to life....

Wakakak... ok ok.. i am going out of point... the point is I am writing this to wish all the soon to be husbands and wives a holy matrimony.....and hope you cherish every moment of it... do not let the pre-wedding burden get to you... if u can go through this wedding preparation in peace with minimal arguements (for sure would have at least one or two), chances are you will do just fine in your new life....

So Have fun and enjoy... Oh ya... being maid of honour.. i was requested to do a speech during the dinner... soooo as usual i googled on how to write a MOH speech and try to see what i can come out with.. so Evie if the speech seems to be in bits and pieces that is because it was cut and paste from all over google... wakakka... but i will try to make it flow as nice as possible and add some personal touches here and there... =.=' huhuhuh.....

So i am leaving you will a poem I found from poemsforfree.com.... kekekeke

Marriage is the union of
A greater sum than two in love.
Relatives are made by rites
Relating in-laws to delights.
In bringing families together,
A million lives are changed forever.
Go then in joy, yourselves to please:
Each love shapes many destinies
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Friday, November 28, 2008
I want to kill this bride to be… sudahlah know that I have to support her (emoly and also physically) to prep for her wedding.. also knew that I have 2 projects going on simultaneously… now tak pasal pasal tag me… maybe due to the lack of post in my blog (busy and don know what to write)… so…. It’s Friday today, thank goodness.. now sitting in the office counting down the time… Still have some lots to do but I need a break so decided to do this tag and work at the same time (multitask.. heik heik)

1. Do you think you are hot?- If fat hanging down your belly is hot then I am DAMMNNN HOT!!!

2. Upload your favorite picture of you!

3. Why do you like that picture?- Coz my side profile is hot (face up only.. no need to see the rest of the body)

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?- Wakakak… with the woman who tagged me lah.. for her hen’s night where she was asked to sell condoms… we made big bucks man….

5. The last song you listen to?- Only time I get to listen to music is while driving.. so anything on Mix.fm…

6. What are you doing right now besides this?- Reading company brief and need to prepare proposal

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?- Though I am not too fond of my name… I’ve not been thinking of having another name… but my Chinese name (kill me please)

People to tag.

- My sis (if she still read blog)

- Mah jee (If he is not too busy preparing for his wedding)

- Ira (lama u din blog)

- Ili (heheheh.. never see u do tag)

- Esvary (if she still blogs)

8. Who is number 1?- Sista

9. Number three is having a relationship with?- Wakkaa… I dun know.. she din tell

10. Say something about number five?- Need to be chill abit

11. How about number four?Mama yang cantik

12. Who is number two?- A guy that spend thousands on toys!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I would like to take some time to write about my weekend....

Well.... since my dear is working outstation I had a free weekend and coincidentally it was the weekend Ms Evie set to get her things done and do some shopping for her oh-so 'special' night.. then again they have been doing it already soooo i wonder how special it would be... wakakak (ok ok! don angry Ms Evie) I know it would be special as it would be the night you unleash the wild side of you...

Anyways... the weekend was supposed to be Evie shopping for her stuff... she spending money.. And I was pretty controlled throughout the entire shopping trip at Pavillion.... so spent nothing other than on Lunch and the RM15 dollars parking.. might as well park JOckey like Nicole only RM18... shit... but than again i think nobody would layan my Alonso (wakkak... satria)....

Soo..... ya.... then came Kariza... due to the big hype Evie had on this place, well this clothing item... I was expecting to get myself a piece or two ... well... we spent 2 hours there and I got 2 pieces there and it was a whopping RM400 total... well... at least there is 1000+ ways to wear it ... figuratively it would be like i am getting 1000 skirts for RM 400....that will be RM0.40 per skirt... (YEAH RIGHT!! that is wat i was telling myself to make myself feel better for i think it was a mistake getting them)... Me and Evie had deep thoughts after the purchase and thought that we could actually get better patters and do it outselves... well if Mae Mae would help... wakakka... coz i know nuts about sawing...

Anyways ya... RM400 fly just like tat (hope my dear dont see this).... because of this Kariza we got home late and got ready late for dinner and by the time we are ready for dinner it was 10.30pm.... *pulling hair!!! all the place we intended to go was no longer serving food....
So some Kuciao bellboy from Ritz Carlton suggested Shook at Star HIll.... ate a RM50 fettucine carbonara served only with bacon bitz.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... anyways... if it was great food i would not mind paying... franking i cook better pasta.. wakka

Wel.... I would like to write more about the entire weekend... but i am getting lazy... dont want to use my brain dy.... off working hours.. want to go home and cook myself some pasta... wakakak...

But Sunday was great ... ate at Bubba Shrimp, finally got to meet Mae Mae... ya.... MaeMae sooo shy... but i know somewhere inside her is a loud person waiting to jump out... welll i will see more of her loud side during Evie's bachelor party.....

So there you go... my weekend... money spent now have to think of a way to get back some of those money....

Anyways... am looking forward to this Thursday... going to Penang.. wakakakka..... for a long weekend... YEAH!!!!!!!

and evie... get my house done SOON!!!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
What I want for Christmas....
I know I know... christmas is still two months plus away but hey I need to at least alert u guys sooo u all will start saving up some money to help me fulfill my wishlist right???

Ok... so I will keep it to the list of ten (dont know if i can find ten things to wish for or if i will have trouble narrowing it down...) but ya... after reading this blog kindly put ur name at the comment column and which item you are going to get me... wakakakak... (in no particular order... coz I love them all the same)

1. Sunglasses - Gucci dragonfly shades
Been wanting to get this since 3 years ago... it might be out of fashion but I still love it and still want it... not that expensive ... hmmm... wonder why i did not buy them... but anyways... i still want them sooo please ....

2. Laptop - 15 inch ultra slim MacBoook Pro
Been needing to get a new computer since God knows when... and was saying to myself need to put aside some money monthly to save enough to get myself one... since I am no where new my goal... anyone willing to help me out?? please find in yourself a generous heart to help poor me... PUH-LEAZE!!!

3. Holiday

I love travelling and some times i really want my family to be able to enjoy what i enjoyed... so i really wish for us to make a trip to a beautiful beach resort (outside Malaysia of coz) so that we can experience a true vacation... So Mum if you are reading this.... bring us to Phuket, Bali, even Koh Samui.. and if you really want to splurge maybe Maldives.. but ultimate beach experience BORA BORA please..... hehehehe

4. Ultimate spa treatment (3 hours minimum)

I am a sucker for massages.... must get them once a month (well if wallet permits) but the ones i go is only 1 1/2 hours soooo I would really like to experience something that is at least 3 hours... sooo please make my dream come true....oh... i enjoy the soft massages aromatherapy type,.. not the hard core thai massage).. was kind of hoping to go for the Ultimate Manja package at Vila Manja for Evie's bridal shower (5hours plus) only RM300 what a steal but need to go in group of six... as normal per person is RM578... but... nuff said.. please get this for me as well.....

5. Handbags

Love handbags... from night market type to designer type... though i have a lot that is from in-between the two ends... soo you could get me something nice and unique from the night market in Bangkok or splurge a bit on me with this Michael Kors cashmere handbag (simple)... either way I will be happy.... oh ya and according to E... fringe is in this season... so what the heck....

6. Kariza

Was introduced to this beautiful piece of garment by Miss Evie... 1 garmet 100 ways of wearing them... wow... need to get my hands on them soon... but you could also get me one.... I think this is highly affordable... Do visit their website at http://www.karizadesigns.com/

7. A ring

Wakkkaka... this is added just to give some hint to somebody... wakakka ....... but if anyone wants to buy me diamond you are most welcome.... I do not need Tiffany & CO... Diamond and Platinum will do... wakakka... I love cross pendants...

8. Christian Louboutin

Every girl must owned at least a pair or two or three of Louboutin.... designs are simple yet sooo sexy.... Drool... please get me one.....

9. Perfume

Ah.... this is more affordable for anyones pocket... love perfumes.. love collecting them... but this 2 are the ones that I want but then again anything that comes in a nice bottle and spells sweet I would love... If u want to see what kind of perfume I adore... go check of Ferragamo Incanto (the blue bottled one) and J.Lo Live (the light green bottle one).... then u will roughly know my taste...

10. I-phone:
Envy my sister.. she got it for herself in Australia... way much cheaper... so sista if you are reading this... get me one!!!! (wakakakka... and she is younger than me and still studying but she pockets more money than my peanut paying job... so.... *with a cute face- hands clasp together - pretty please...

* Please note that these are only material things that I wish for... it does not mean i do not wish for other things... I pray every night for Love, Health and Peace for my love ones... Since this is all written by God I shall only consult him on it...heheheh...
So til then... enjoy saving your money to fulfill my wishlist... thanks in advance.....

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Friday, October 10, 2008
Flu and all

Hi ya.... was not feeling well yesterday and was on MC... at home no internet so no updates....
Evie was over at my place to do some renovation thingy.. yes she is my contractor (wakak.. not contractor to be exact but a middle person..)
But when at home I do not look like a sick person... today however am back in the office... my cough has gotten worse, have running nose... took my cough syrup and I can hardly open my eyes.. haiyoyo... and now it is just 10 plus in the morning.. time is passing by oh sooo slowly....
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... (oppss dozed off a bit)... anyways... somebody please let me know how could I keep myself awake and entertained for the next 7 hours or so...............
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Bored... so do tag
I am feeling sooooo bored… which is why I decided to do this tag posted by Evie on frenster long long time ago….. (where is my life… zzzz)

What's something you really want right now, be honest!
- to feel a sense of accomplishment… to do something outrageous..

Do you plan out your day before it begins?
- Everything is always planned.. but to followthrough that is a different story… wakakka… I do not stick to plans… I think

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
- Haiz.. work….. ( I think I am contributing to myself feeling down)

How's your heart lately?
- Beating just fine and healthy… akakka.. somemore got love.. not kena kei sei…

Do you wet the toothbrush before the toothpaste?
-Urmm…. Yes… doesn’t everybody?

Where were you at 2:00 this morning?
- Sleeping like a pig….

Do you wear glasses?
-*yes when I am feeling lazy and when I have a dark cloud over my head (not in the mood means take payah dress up.. not dressing up means no need lenses lah.. glasses like ah mah enuff)

When is your birthday?
- 4th March 1981 (not yet sampai the big 3-0 so still can review the year).. wakakkaka

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
- Getting ready to go to work (zzz… was supposed to meet evie at 8.30 but she manage to forget about our arrangement)

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- Proposal for one of our client… last minute thing… I was dreading the time passing soooo slow as I nothing to do then lady boss gave me something to do.. so yeah… and I complete the task in 15 minutes (task not easy… I am just efficient)

How do you feel about the person who texted you last?
- my dear dear… love love love

Are you a jealous person?
- wakakaka… yes… I am the queen….

Are you tired right now?
- actually I am just restless… damn sien…

Do you chew on your straws?
- No.. No no… i find it irritating… since Evie say Eileen does it… IRRITATING!! Wakakak do refrain urself from doing it when I am around…

What's your favorite room in your house?
- Living room… Always in front of my TV lazing the days away…

Last inbox message from?
-Evie on Pinkster raya open house…

How many children do you plan on having?
- 2 (a big kor kor and a little mei mei)

Are you texting right now?
- Duh…

Do you trust people?
- Depends… not generally

Have you ever cried from being so mad?
-Hmm… if the mad is driven by the person I love then yes I do cry…

What high school did/do you attend?
- Chung Hua Miri (GO GO GO --- wakakak… I am actually not very wat do u call that oh ya.. I do not have big school spirit)

What are you excited for?
- Love, family, travel and food… doing something..

What did you do last night?
- ate my leftover potato salad, watched tv, talked to dear dear & mum, then peel kacang kulit (sad case)

What's the longest you have talked on the phone to someone?
-Har… cannot recall wor…Don’t really like to cook porridge on phone

When was the last time you laughed?
- I am always happy except for today…

Have you ever been stalked?
- Har… don’t think so… Not hot enough…

Do you read often?
- Reading blogs count??
Who do you really want to see right now?
- My dear dear and my sis…

What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?
- Jeans

Where was your default Friendster picture taken?
- Phuket,,,

Who's your last missed call?
- some weird number… call back number not in service..EEeEE

Do you always wear your seat belt?
-Yes… it’s a habit and a good one too..

What is something you need to go shopping for?
- Evie’s lingerie.. wakakakka… excited *with evil grin

Has anyone ever given you roses?
-Of coz… but I love lilies and I just got them from dear dear for our anniversary.. wakakka

Are you normally a happy person?
- Yes… cept when I am working… (this place is just tooo quiet for me to exposed my tail)

How many months are there until your birthday?
- now to March.. you count..

Do you own any kind of yellow clothing?
- Yes two blouse.. wore one of them twice… the other one yet to wear.

What makes your bedroom unique?
- hmm… our collection of soft-toys (now officially known as Fa-mer-wee)

What are you looking forward to in the next three months?
-Evie’s wedding, family coming over and holidays!!

The "WOULD YOU?" section:
Would you rather love one person or have many short relationships?
- I am a sucker for love but once I love one person it is for that person only until of coz when the trust is broken!!

Would you move anywhere else if you could?
- Yes… some place peaceful, relaxing, no hassle and stress free

If you were given 10 million dollars to keep, what would you do with it?
Travel, house, all done together with my family and dear dear oh and I donate too ok… I am a humanitarian.. wakakkaka

The "CURRENT YEAR" section:
Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of the year?
- Har!! How I know…

Anything exciting happen this year?
- as long as it involves going on holiday it is exciting…

Are your best friends still your best friends?
- I am a sucker at keeping in touch soo… primary school, high school, college best fren all tak sama… my self-proclaimed bff also don contact me too busy with his work (MAL).. and the other one… now giving me a lot of things to do… wakakka *stractch head
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