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Thursday, April 19, 2007
HoUSe HunTing...
ThIs PhasE of my Life...HouSe HunTing....Why House Hunt??
Well...after Living comfortably for SoooOOO darn long....it is indeed time to move on to another - like i say chapter of my life!! So wat better way to start than to hunt for a new place to stay!!!
HAIZ <---- Evie !! I am going NUts but still looking forward for this saturday's GooD CharLoTTes Concert!!** Imagine me doing a psycho dance**

The Day Basically started with Me and BaoBao taking the afternoon off to do some house inspection...

First stop Damansara MEtropoliton (right above CITIBANK, Damansara Perdana)....'Lucky' for us..we got the so-called seriously young and not so know how to entertain customer kind of agent!! Damn the world..hhahaha...but back to the point...the place was NICCCEEEEEEEE....love the pool side....but the price (tak boleh ler....)..oh ya...did i mentioned that we actually need to wait for quite some time for the keys to come (haiz....time is money u know....) "to all the agents out there...please take note"

Second Place viewed is Damansara Indah..another nice place to stay...facing the golf course (my papa would love it)...sooooo tempted to just buy the place...again...rm2000 per month (seriously out of budget ler..so another no no) ---> oh ya ..the agent for this place is the same as the 1st one....

Then there is this third place (actually i viewed this place yesterday and love it-Dataran Prima) so i brought BAOBAO over just to double check the place and to confirm with the agent (this agent Jeffry is actually DOnna's cousin)...after viewing the place..RM1200 3+1R2B, 2 carpark...seriously it is quite affordable..However..we initially wanted to rent the master bedroom for rm600 but we were thinking "who would pay so much just for a room? might as well pay slightly more for a whole studio apartment"...Wat worst was that we need rm4400 for the deposits and downpayment <---those who know me...where i can have this kind of savings...i am a big spender..no savings for rainy days *note to self: save dont spend..hahahah...

So after hours of wasting Donna's cousin time..we came to the conclusion of getting a cheap place (so of coz not that nice and comfortable lah) to rent for the time being and later i will work on with my papa mama to buy a nice place *evil evil grin*
I seriously felt bad for telling the fellow that we are not interested..nice fellow though which is why i felt so bad...coz his face was seriously kelian!!!hehehehe....

Anyways, lesson learnt from this house hunting experience:
1. NEver Ever be too comfortable with your life at anytime of ur life span (hahahah)
2. Make up ur mind first although time is tight for u to move out!!
3. Make sure the agent is on-time and know how to 'care' for the customers..NO to the first agent...Kudos to the second agent...
4. Always Save MOney for a rainy Day...No MORE DP..No MOre Principles...Sooo Kelian!! hehhehe.....

After my Long senseless rambling....Do you have any advice for me?? Hmm...maybe you have a cheap place that i can rent...3 rooms below rm1000...soo...do get back to me if u have something for me!! ya??
At the end of the day....nothing comes easy.----> Go Figure!!

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