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Saturday, May 5, 2007
1st time got TAGGED!!hehehehe
I am currently having mix feeling here now...I dun know if i shud feel excited as this is my first tag (no thanks to my insanely sot great fren Miss Evie Jie (read in the David Kor kinda tune- hiak hiak hiak)..or shud i feel Aiks...coz i am still figuring out how to use this new blog template (created by none other than..yup..u said it...MIss Evie (AGAINNN))..heheheh.....so wat i am going to do now is to just go with the flow!!!

5 things found in your bag:
*My very very very old and kelian company phone - shhh...i cannot complain is my main mode of communication (too stingy to get my own line) hiak hiak hiak...
*My Ipod....music- cant leave without it..cant stand the sound of silence..hehhehe....
*My very very trusty wallet...and also very very 'jungle-ish' with all the credit card and toll receipt (need to claim)hehehe...
*My company camera - must be 24 hrs on standby for business n also pleasure...hia hiak hiak....
*A whole lot of other junk...basically my bag just need some cleaning up..

5 things found on your wallet:
*As Mention before...my wallet is bursting with credit card receipts (no thanks to my serious LLD frens..haiz...)
*Photo of LOLO (my doggie..hehehe...)
*Driving license, IC (u know cards with ur own worst looKing photo very taken- cannot do my 45 degree looK mar..kekekek)
*Credit cards (almost useless coz no more credit for me to spend..already burnn..burnnn)
*Reward points card (its been a long time since i used this card..need to do some shopping already...so long din indulge myself..kekekek...DP sales..Evie wanna join me??) *Wink WInk..

5 favourite things in your room:
*my laptop...how else will i be typing this (no..i dont do this during office hour - AKMAL *hint hint..kekkeke)
*My TV ...a really really extreme tv addict (i learn a lot ok from tv programs..hiak hiak hiak)
*My raul (which is my giant doggy doll whom i so fabulously named Raul after raul gonsales of real madrid...*drool...
*My wardrobe (actually not a wardrobe but my corner for all my clothes..hahha...u wont wanna see me in my baby suit..So not flattering..kekekek....
*my perfume corner...(oh yeah..wanna smell good for u babey)hheheh

5 things you always wanted to do:
*Spain...visit spain and absorb their culture (*wink wink)
*To sit and drive around the circuit in a F1 car with my fernando alonso...heheheh...(what happens later..is up to ur imagination)
*Provide good quality standard for all my centres for the benefit of the children of the world (*sorry frens..i just gotto write this down..just to freak a few ppl out..hahahahha...AKMAL, TITI, DONNA, MAH JEE, NICKY, MAY, IRA, ILI, EVIE..and the list goes on...hahaha)
*To learn belly dancing...will be doing it pretty soon..and soon hopefully i will have delightful hips ala Shakira..hahaha
*To bring my entire family and friends on a holiday at the BAhamas...(includes my long long distance relatives who i might not even know..hahah...just to see what will happen and to spread love as one big happy family) - think Barney's ~I love you..you love me~ We are happy family~~~~.....hehhhehe

5 things you are currently into:
*Hanging with my frens
*reading blogs and having a laugh from it
*snapping senseless but at times beautiful photos of ppl around me and their food...
*shoes...is one pair a week too much...
*dieting...but a problem since i was just back from a really really food packed Ipoh trip...curses to my figure...hahaha

5 people you tag:
*Akmal of coz....
*Nis NIs although u are too busy already but u need to reply...hehe
*My sista...hehehehe...or else u have nothing to write in ur blog...
*Ira since u are my fellow next door neighbour in office..hehehe...
*Mah Jee..hehehe curious to see how creative u can be when replying this blog...hahahha

well...how do i end a tag with my famous go figure line...
Lets see...*go figure why evelyn have all the time in the world to update her blog daily..hehe...not that i am complaining..in fact it keeps me entertain ..its kind of like my bedtime story...hehe....GOD BLESS EVELYN ..hahhaha
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