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Monday, May 14, 2007
All My Bags Are Packed..I'm readY to Go!!!

This time...my blog is dedicated to two dear friends of mine...very very nice people...loving, caring and also soon to be leaving us in our small working world...
They will be leaving to hopefully better pasture....This photo is taken during our beautiful Ipoh trip at Indulgence...a trip to serve as memories of the times that we were together as a team...a trip that hopefully will not be the last....
The two lovely lass that i am talking about are the two woman seated at the second row from the front...Donna the one in black...jess (can i slap u) chow is the one in pink..........Haiz..........seriously this will be major week for adjustment at the office....
Who is going to be my breakfast buddy??
Who is going to TAP the people that triggers me (i.e the stupid song's brother)?
Who is going to make me spend all my money on food??
Who is going to scold me if i end up dating a HAK KU LAK KUAT?
Who is going to trigger me ?
Who am i going to trigger?
- u see how i am going to miss everything about u.....but not to worry..i will still be there for u..just call me and i will be there...cherish all the good times we had..maybe also sometimes bad time (heheheh..these are the things that bring us closer together)....ok?? A new working world, a new sets of frens but always remember we will always be here for u!! take care and all the best for ur future undertakings.....
Who is going to keep the dark side of the office bright??
Who nis nis is going to complain to when he is highly unstable??
Who is going to slap Akmal when he is being DUH??
Who is going to put EC back to his place when he is being an Arse??
Who is going to fight for our rights??
Who is going to give me a hug when i need one??
- Again u see...this week is just a sad week...although i know u gals are going for the better and i seriously pray that both of you will get the best out of everything...but still the unwillingness to let go of u gals is in me...so sad...one by one..leaving..............
Maybe i should leave to??? where to??? back home??? overseas??? i dont know...life is full on ins and outs....
Although i hold strongly to the statement "someone better will come along"..still to me, Donna N JEss are one of the best people that i know ----> Go figure Life's Ups and Downs!!
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