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Saturday, June 9, 2007
9th June 2007
Hmmm.....neglected to update my food diary yesterday....was just tooo lazy and it was not healthy ---> my food intake yesterday i mean...and i think today is no better...wakkakkak....

So here Goes....

Maggi Mee Goreng with Fried Chicken on top (Ali Maju)
Sudah la everyday eat Ali Maju for breakfast...saturday also kena makan ALi Maju...No thanks to certain someone who can only consume food from Ali MAju...haiz....Thoughts on my order?? Aiks...this is a bad start to the day...already go against my rules...WTF!!!

BuFfaLo Wings & Ice Lemon Tea (Tony Roma's)
Meet up with Titi N DOnna for Lunch After shopping ALONE (ladies i did it alone ok...dun simply think..hehehe)...very very luxurious buddy to be with daimn...sudah lah my wallet almost got...no make it already got hole and moth flying out...still.....good think none of us wanted to order more so the wings was split among the 3 of us...BUT STILL have to pay rm15 each for that meal...GOT DAM it!!

Yet to take my dinner...am a little free after cleaning up my house and now awaiting time so that i can go get my pizza and await my guest to come for my party.....

One thing is for sure...it is not going to help in my plan....coz we will be having lots and lots of booze....pizza's, chicken wings, noodles, cakes, snacks and so on...so wat do u think??? hahahah...of coz already bang my head to the wall...

HOw did i Do today??
Feel Like hanging myself for not doing anything according to my top ten rules...so today i give it a big NO NO and two thumbs down...
Better Luck Next tIme....

We all need a motivator in order to carry out our plan...who is going to be mine??---> GO Figure!
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