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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Week Long Diary!
Wow…it has been a Week ago since I updated my blog….hmm…..soo sorry for the delay…its not like I have been busy or anything…well maybe a little coz for the weekends we had the old not so “looking forward to” all staff meeting..which can only spell BORING!!! So that basically spoilt our weekend, although I did managed to watched fanstatic-4 with my BFFs and had a dinner at chilis (again…no money still can go to places like this..NOT HELPING at all ppl!!!)…I am not going to touch on my food intake just yet…would like to take a moment to write about what I have been up to and just sit back and collect my thoughts for awhile and reflect on the past days activities….

As mentioned, my weekend just flew me by….the meeting on Saturday, after meeting we had futsal nite…just the guys playing…although I did manage to kick the ball here and there before everybody arrived (so that to me is also exercising –heheheh), Sunday was a little slow in the morning, was suppose to have breakfast with a certain somebody but could not make it…then it was MOVIE time, this time round we watched Fantastic Four – Rise of the silver surfer. Hmmm…some might think that its no good…but I like it a lot…Mr Fantastic and the Humon Torch are sooo hot!! Even the Thing has his cute moments. Need I go into details about how gorgeously Hot Ms Jessica Alba looks – every girls envy…..B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

As a whole, it is a good movie…very light so it is not too stressful for the brain, a feel good movie, where u can just watch and enjoy the beautiful ppl that are in the movie…..I give it a (7.5/10 – nobody fell asleep in this movie (not even DONNA, so well done)!!!

Works starts again…morning briefing again….sitting in front of the computer screen again…Came out from the briefing frustrated as the MC for the briefing keep pushing ppl to talk when there is really nothing to share…GOSh…why cant they just let it end there…why must there go on asking everybody, ‘anything to share?/ anything to share?’…GERAMnya…Just for once let the briefing end early…sheshhhh….

Then after the briefing another unexpected happened….the TL’s (be it team leaders or ppl who make to TL (tulan)) was supposed to have their meeting…so I was happily chatting away on msn with Donna…suddenly…came a sound from behind…the voice of a person that dare not speak..a voice of a person that cannot speak well …yet spoke…ENG-ENG…kenalah BODOH…kena caught playing MSN during working hours..no thanks to my dear beloved DONNa-Ong!!! Haiz….so wat would an innocent person do??? I said ok…and off my msn screen like a good little girl….until now I dare not to turn on msn…for fear of the eyes….So here I am writing this blog because I do not dare to turn on my msn…got work to do yet just refuse to do….heheheheh…just being unproductive…..

In the evening – had a new date with somebody….a nice person…big but cuddly (hahah…TiTI n Donna don’t freak when u read this)…it was a drink first then when for a few rounds of pool….a dinner and then a movie. Quite a number of things to do in just the few short hours….Movie watched was 200 pound beauty – a Korean flick…again a very light movie…does not require any brain-cells to comprehend, not because it is spoken in a foreign language but because it is just a comedy and watched it just for the laughs of it….Tots on the Date: it was ok…nice company and nice chat…so what more can I ask for?? Heheheh….

Nothing much happened too….was busy with work….

When into office late because had an appointment with the aircon man…then meeting with my instructors ..then found out that I had an assistant training to conduct…gosh…totally forgot about it…no preparation…managed to drag sunny into following me…to help me out when I am stuck!! Thanks ny ny!!heheh I really enjoyed ur sharing on your conviction…hahahahah………

Ok…so that was wat I have been up to lately…well…I think it is time to proceed to my review on my yesterday’s food consumption!!

Ø Zhong Zi - it is actually more to lunch (had it when it was around 11.30 – din have time to grab any breakfast)

Ø Two big apple donuts - had it just an hour after the ZHong Zi (also got sounding by Ms Jaclyn coz she’s been eyeing me when I was eating the Zhong..hahah…saying that I am worst than a pregnant lady)…seriously I too dun know why I can consume that amount of food in such short period of time…Anyways Jac…thanks for your concern and congrates on the birth of your baby boy this morning….

In Between
Ø Was conducting assistant training…Ms Su served some refreshement…so I ate a goreng pisang (damn not nice and dry and hard to swallow but must give face mar…so KANG it down)…hehehhe

Ø Claypot pork rib and claypot salted fish (fah lam) and also Oily vegetable
Ø I had the privilege to eat with Ms Donna Ong…but eating with her is never good for my diet plan…coz she always orders a lot and always cannot finish it and always force others to finish….so the two of us manage to eat the above items….haiz..bad bad influence.

After that no snacks…hehehehehe…..

Thoughts on the day:
Overeat…tat is the only word that can describe my yesterday’s food consumption…


So what can I say…not a good day but as a not so wise man once said, ‘tomorrow is a new day.” So keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I will do better tomorrow….why is it so hard to follow wat u really need?? Is it because of what the heart really wants?/ because of the influences of others or are we just born to rebel??? --> Go Figure!!!
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