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Monday, July 2, 2007
Why WOmen Love Flowers?

Hmmmm....ladies...ever wonder when your next bouquet of flowers will come?? ever had the thought of "how i wish it was me" when u see the florist sending flowers to your colleague from the next cubicle?? There are some (who wants to be portrayed as the all sooo reasonable girlfren) would say "dont send me flowers, its a waste of money", but deep down inside, is there a glimmer of hope that he would do exactly the opposite and suprise you the next day at the office by sending you a dozen roses?? Women, we love flowers so just admit it..hehheeh and men dont try to reason with us that flowers will die eventually (and giving us the yadi yada that you dont want the flower lifespan to be an indication of the lifespan of the relationship --> such lame cheap excuse to weasle ur way out... heheheh) ... hehhehe...ok...trust us...we never say wat we really want..and this has been going on since GOD knows when... when your girl say u dont have to buy me flowers its a waste of money..LooK deep into their eyes...see if there is a spakle for hope (which is quite subjective..to go into that is a whole blog page by itself)....

What i am going to write about today is "WHY WE LOVE FLOWERS?" BUt before i go into details, i would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate a dear fren of mine who is not afraid to buy his woman flowers even if it means burning a hole in his pocket...MAH JEE ONN..u deserve this recognition..AH PER...be glad and feel blessed (although now absurb sum of his money is poured into his obsession with figurines..Look out he is going to get JASon soon..)

Since the beginning of time, women have always love receiving the gift of flowers (think Adam giving Eve flowers from the garden of Eden when they were running around naked before biting into the apple..)...Flowers are a symbol of life and beauty...When received, notice how they cheeks turn glowy red and their smiles just come from their heart... Women dont just feel vibrant and full of life...They feel beautiful and incredibly special (notes notes to take)!

Showing that you care and love her with a specially-made bouquet will only increase her affection for you, it will make her feel like she's still the most important person in your life! In the end...who will benefit the most? You! It will only be her pleasure to reciprocate the feelings you garnered her with (hint hint and *wink *wink)

It is obvious that some of u guys out there will only thought of getting her flowers when, YES, you did something WRONG, YES, when you feel bad, and YES, when u want to apologize...BUT (A BIG BUT), for the most part, the best time to give her flowers is when there's no occasion at all. Because when u buy her roses because u messed up, although the gesture is still wonderful, it only act as a cry for forgiveness nothing else!!

HOWEVER, if u buy her flowers just because you want her to know that you love her and she is always on your mind....SHE will feel more attractive and appreciated like never before. The element of surprise (considering there really is no special occasion) will definitely add to her pleasant revelation...What would u get in return?? As mentioned before...she will only be glad to do what makes you happy the most (hmm....so what is it that makes u happy?? welll it is only between the both of u!!! heheeh...i dun know!!)...but on a more personal note...i will definitely spoil my man that day (his wish is my command...*wink *wink)

Well...to make my blog more useful besides being senseless rambling (to quote akmal again)... I would just like to give u a short list of flowers and what they represent!

Carnation--> Fascination (but this i normally give to my mama)
Chrysanthmum --> Friedship (aiks...this i give when i visit somebody's grave)
Daisy --> Loyal love (hmmm...i din know tat)]
Orchid --> Love and Beauty (Wow....)
Red roses --> Romantic Love (the all soo normal but still get the job done)
Pink rose --> Secret Love (ladies, received any lately? Guys, sent any lately?)
Yellow rose --> Friendship (now u know!)
Sunflower --> You are splendid (you bring sun to my life..hiak hiak..Suitable for sunny to jess but then that will be bloody lame..hahah)
Lily --> Purity and sweetness (i knew my favourite flowers mean something..hahaha...like me sooo pure...sooo sweet..hahah)
White Rose --> Innocent love (oh...some sort like puppy love)
Bamboo --> Good Luck (aiks...din kow bamboo is a flower..but anyways...)

SO there u go guys and gals...hope this help u for ur current or next courtship....It's quite likelu that she wont know what the flowers represent...so it would be good if u can let them know the meaning of the flowers and why u got them in a card attached to the bouquet.....BUt...if u know she have a specific flower that she likes...u could always get her that...the reason she told u she like those flowers..mostly so that u can get her those the next time!!! hehehehe....

Hmm....so ladies...i hope that ur man read this article and know what to do next...hehehe...k?? if they still have show no action after reading this..then it is time to reflect on things (hiak hiak hiak,...) but dont go to the extent of dumping him because he do not give u flowers ok?? unless he seriously is not worth having..because there are some people out there who just dont see buying flowers as a point (regardless how good it will make u feel)...but he will find ways to make it up to u!! ok???

HIak hiak...i cant believe i am writing an article on flowers but i do love receiving flowers and its been quite a long time (almost a year) since i received some (dont mean to sound sad...but this is my blog and i am required to share my personal feelings on things..heheh)... soo... hmmm... --> go figure!!
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