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Thursday, August 30, 2007
7 things to lift up ur mood!

Ok… boys and girls… ladies and gents…. Today I would blog on something that will benefit all of us… especially those working in a certain ‘holy’ organization.. feeling drain and maybe you would feel that it is the end… your heat is already upto your head… your ears are oozing with black smoke… your eyes blood shot… But wait… don’t jump down from 13A just yet ok??? Just try out this few pointers that I get from the net, written by Dr. Maoshing Ni… if this does not leave up your mood… then go ahead and jump… ok??? Heheheh….. So here goes……….

So… before u go on fuming.. thinking tat the world is against you… thinking that nobody loves you.. thinking tat you are useless… pause for a minute… this is just a mood… something tat will pass.. why put soo much energy on feeling the way u are feeling?? A bad mood not only gives you a gloomy outlook, it also lowers your immune function, leading the way to illness.

Here are some suggestions to lift your mood, your spirit, and your health. First comes the explanation by the professional and at the end of each point is my point of view… hiak!! Enjoy!

1. A Laughing Matter

"Laugh Therapy," pioneered by Norman Cousins, has turned out to have real substance. Research has discovered that laughter and joy boost immune functions, especially the production of the natural killer cells that help defend the body from illness and cancer. Laughter also increases the release of endorphins - compounds that give you a sense of well-being - in your brain. Without a doubt, joyful people live longer and healthier lives. So read your favorite comics, watch your favorite comedies, and laugh it up!!

Ya… just lighten up a bit… read the forwarded mindless emails that could be at time be so uplifting…go for a drink after work aka happy hours with ur workmates to talk about asses in ur company and make fun of their “WISH” .. remember this should be a light session sooo dun over stress yourself with frustration ya… it wont bring you anyway!

2. Amino Acid for Restored Mindset

When an imbalance or deficiency is creating a bad mood, the Europeans use supplements of a natural compound found in human cells to regulate mood and restore a healthy mindset. SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) is produced from methionine, an amino acid that plays a role in the production of uplifting neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. One study indicated that SAMe worked on patients who had unsuccessful results with conventional antidepressants. To get a boost from SAMe, take a supplement combining it with vitamins B6 and B12.

Aiks… this is too complicated for me… no explanation for those who understand.. then u can elaborate on it… hahahha…. Dun rely too much on supplements to control ur mood… U ARE THE ONE IN CONTROL!

3. Hands-On Healing

Human touch increases the production of endorphins, growth hormone, and DHEA, all of which lengthen your life span and lower the negative impact of stress. Studies have found that patients who are regularly touched recover faster than those who are not touched. So give someone a hug and feel both of your moods improve.
Hahah… ladies and gents… don’t freak if I give u a cheeky slap on ur butt… hahah…. I am just being nice trying to give u a human touch to lift up ur mood… see how generous I am… hahaha…

4. Boost Your "Youth Hormones"

You don't need pills to flood your body with a rejuvenating flood of growth hormones. Research has found that doing squats and leg presses will greatly increase your natural production of the "youth hormone". Increased growth hormone translates to an elevated mood, among other physical benefits. Keep it up with weight training, knee bends, push-ups, and rowing.

Haiyo… u know wat does that all sum up to??? Yes… exercise… YANTI n DONNA… EXERCISE… dun be lazy…. Come join true fitness with me!! EVIE!!! U know wat we should do!! Hahah not only for mood purposes (coz we are happy people) but for certain other purposes.. hhaha!

5. Take a Bracing Breath

Breathing correctly is important for dispelling the toxins and wastes from your body; in fact, it is estimated that we expel only about 30 percent of toxins in our bodies through the bowels and bladder-the rest is all respiratory. Breathing is also a great way to clear your mind, boost your energy, and improve your mood. Practice deep, slow, rhythmic, breathing daily with mind-body disciplines such as tai chi, yoga, qigong, and meditation.

Ok…. (currently in my best meditating posture.. ummmm…..mmm….feeling my head…. Mmm….. now relax everything else and feel ur right arm… mmmm….) aiks….. hahaha ok ok… I dun think yoga is for me just yet coz I cant stand quietness… soo maybe I would just stick to martin lawrence’s Bad Boy 2 relaxation method… rub top of the ear and goo UUHHSSS—SSAAA!!! Hhahah

6. Smell the Joy

Research has shown that smell has a definite impact on our bodies and minds. When you stimulate the olfactory nerves inside your nose, you activate the limbic system of your brain, which is associated with moods and memory. This concept is instrumental to aromatherapy, a natural health tradition that makes use of the healing powers of plants with strong scents.

Aromatherapy recommends treating depression with jasmine, eucalyptus for exhilaration, and grapefruit to increase alertness and joy. Just put a dab of the essential oils from these plants on your temples, back of your neck, or acupressure points. Another option? Boil the herb in water and inhale the steam through your nose.
Hmmm… this is soooo ideal… hahaha… give me all the more reason to go for aromatherapy massage… hiak hiak… this seriously work and is seriously relaxing… but if u have wallet problem don go doing it.. because it will just give u more stress by the end of the day.. coz now u need to find ways to pay for the credit card that u just swipe for ur 60 minutes aromatherapy session that cost u rm120!!! NO NO NO!! - spoken by the experienced… from the mouth of a victim…

7. Feel Fine with Flowers

There is a reason that flowers are the traditional get-well gesture. Colorful flowers have a powerful influence on moods; they can uplift a patient's mood and even combat stress. One study found that during a five-minute typing assignment, people sitting next to a flowering bouquet were more relaxed than those who sat near foliage-only plants.

Hahah… now u know why I actually adapted this article to get to this point… flowers!!! Where art thou my flowers?? My lilies…. Haiz… still far away!!! So baby.. Another reason why ladies love flowers.. we are smart human beings… we know that flowers bring about well-being… so hahahah.. *wink *wink

So…. These are the few points that Dr. Mao suggested… but do u have any other secret remedy for bad moods?? Do tell…. Coz u know ur bad mood is not only bad for urself… it is also giving our negative energy to others…

so before u start throwing a tantrum… just sit back do ur UUHHHSSS SAAAA… think about wat u wanted to do just now (remember throwing the tantrum??) why you want to do it?? Will it get you anywhere if you did it?? If the answer is no.. then why do it??? Is it worth making urself looked like a fool?? Go have a break instead… if it is nothing too serious.. make a joke out of it….

Love Others but most importantly Love YOURSELF!!
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