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Friday, August 24, 2007
Top 10 Romantic Gesture!

Romanticism….. hmmm…. What actually is romanticism…. Hehehe…. Read the blog by Evie on this matter… which is pretty interesting… it suddenly gave me well… can I say high… or just sudden rush of joy just thinking about my own definition of “Romanticism”…. Well before I bla out about my perspective of the idea… Let me give you the definition of the word from Dictionary.com … they define the term Romanticism as Romantic spirit of Tendency!

Well.. well… interesting…. How do I perceive romantic gesture??? What to me is romantic?? Hmm… and why the heck am I writing this for anyways??/ hahahah…. Maybe just to hint some of you out there on things that can spark my fire… hahahah…. Hey.. for those guys who are attached… maybe I could provide you with some useful ideas that will turn your ladies eating out from your hand… *wink *wink So..…

I might as well just come out with a top 10 list of what I think is romantic…. Will I go over the board and come out with something crazy??? You would just have to wait and see!!! Here is my top 10 list of romantic gestures a man can give his woman:

10. Unexpected SMS

A very simple gesture… In fact I get this a lot from my baby and I think is pretty romantic… Waking up in the morning to find that there is a message of sweet words from your man…. It is a perfect way to kick-start our day! Thanks babe… coz you are already practicing this!! * Muacks!

9. Walk at the beach

This is adapted from Evie… just like a scene out of a romantic movie… why are there sooo many romantic movies having beach scene?? DUH! Coz it is romantic… and it is just beautiful to walk down the sandy beaches with your man by your side, whispering into my ears sweet words and also cracking up jokes every now and then… After a stroll, sitting by the beach, sipping coconut and watching the sunset… priceless… Of coz things to note: Do not choose beaches like PD…. With rubbish all over… spoils the ambiance and mood… Guys, plan carefully coz the surroundings of the whole thing also plays a role! Soo… choose a nice clean beach…i.e Redang… heheh… *hint *hint

8. Honesty

Will I be kicked in the behind if I say the world nowadays lacks honesty? Well… it is not like men like to lie but sometimes there just choose not to tell the truth because they think that the truth will bring about negative effect… but truth is guys… it is better to tell the truth and be straightforward rite from the start… rather than her finding out later… which she will relate it to you cheating on her… ok??? Learnt my lesson once and I now think honesty is the best policy! Honesty is not only a romantic gesture; it also shows love and respect. The feeling of a person wanting to open up to you, letting you know his every feeling is just indescribable.

7. Taking the lead

No this is not about dancing ala Antonia Bandares, well it doesn’t hurt if the guy love to dance and want to take you dancing (added bonus)… but ya.. back to my point…It is good to have your partner taking the initiative to plan for something, even simple things like just bringing you out for a walk at the park (aka Putrajaya or Titiwangsa or FRIM *hint *hint), a night out with dinner and a movie. Well the romantic feeling comes when all the girl need to do is sit back and enjoy the evening away and see her man taking charge of the whole evening… the effort that we see is how we define romance!

6. Weekend

Of course when it comes to romanticism… a weekend getaway is a must in my list! A weekend just the for two… could be anywhere in the world or even if it is just a night stay at Cameron highlands… Just being able to spend time with each other at another place is romance enough… again need not be an expensive one… and please to make the weekend extra special… don’t bother to answer any calls… turn off the phone… enjoy walks around the hotel, do activities indoors (if you know what I mean), order room service… anything… just an escape from the outside world… without thinking about anything else but feeling love…. Ahhhh….. a sweet escape!

5. Sweating it out in the kitchen

Actually this could be at the top of my list… yet to experience this but ya… might be funny for some of you but to me…. Seeing my man in the kitchen preparing dinner for the both of us… with sweat falling down from his forehead… that is ROMANTIC…. Ah…. I wish!!

4. Unexpected visit

Life is full of surprises and some surprises could bring lots of delight! For example, your man suddenly being at my door step just to give you a kiss on your cheek and to look you in the eyes and say that he loves you! I find this particularly romantic…. But guys beware… don’t do it when you already plan with your girl that you want to see them and just saying you want to cancel it just so that you could give her this surprise… because despite your good intention… the thought of you wanting to cancel the date will already make her go bananas… soooo don’t plan it this way….. Instead.. pick a day where you actually planned not to see each other coz both of you have something else to attend to… knowing when she will be back home… knock on the door and give her the surprise… she will be more than happy to see you and you might get something in return (*wink *wink… but don’t do it with the intention of something in return… do it because you want to)

3. TLC

Nothing means more than all the tender loving care that you can give. A woman feels loved just by you showing that you are. The concern look in you eyes when she tells you that she is not feeling well… the making sure of her reaching home save and sound… you putting her first and your frens second (might be hard to do… but just show her that).. you being there when she needs you the most, being a great listener… that is one of the greatest romantic gesture ever!

2. A Massage

After a hard day of work, bones aching and all… You were just laying there browsing the net or just reading somebody’s blog…. Your man just sit behind you and give you a long back rub… without expecting anything in return… he just want you to relax and enjoy the rub…. He is happy when he sees the smile forming from the corner of your mouth when he is massaging you!! After the rub… he just holds you in his arms until you are sound asleep… How romantic is that!! Awwww…. I wish I wish!! *Hint *Hint and *Wink *Wink to you baby!

1. Everything adds-up

Actually it is quite tough for me to come out with this list… because I, like Evie, too think that it is the combination of little things that he does daily… the smile he put on your face, he putting you above everything else, just him holding you, he showing that he cares. It is the things that we do with each other, the time we spent enjoying each other’s company… all this actually does not cost anything… it is the effort that each put in to make keep the sparks in the relationship.

So to sum things up… ROMANTICISM is little things that both of us do to make each other happy. It does not necessary involve expensive things… it is just being there for each other, holding them when they feel insecure, making them smile again when they are down! Him suddenly holding me and hugging me from behind when I am doing the dishes, ironing my clothes or putting my makeup on, putting his arms around me when we are walking… That to me is ROMANTICISM!

I think I also need to mention this…. FLOWERS and occasional surprise gifts… definitely a symbol of romance… hahahah!!

Once again this is just my thoughts on things... ok?? from my personal point of view on what i think is romantic when done on me... I on the other hand knows nothings about how i can romance my man... so what i need is more input from u all out there..especially the guys... tell me how u see romanticism... so i might learn a thing or two from u!! cheers!

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