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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
FooD FooD FooD!


I dun know why but suddenly i was in search of food review blogs.... Maybe because i was deprived from fine dinning recently and am really craving to search for the best place to eat , so when the oppurtunity arise (as in when my dear dear allow or is in a generous mood to bring me eat Luxuriously), i would have the hot places to chow rite at my finger tips!

So here i am.. going through blogs after blogs... most blogs were food reviews and i managed to came across some blogs with recipe... since my goal is to get married and breed .. the rite thing for me to do to better prepare myself to reach for my stars is to start learning to cook.. (not that i dun know how.. it is just tat i dun know wat to cook).. hiak hiak hiak... so watch this space as i aim to document all my trails and tribulations in the cooking world!! heheheh!

So Hot mama's and Pimp daddy's the links for the food blogs can also be access through this web page of mine... at the right corner!! Enjoy reading...
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