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Monday, November 19, 2007
InDulGe With Me~~
Date: 13th Nov 2007
Weather: Bright, Hot, Sunny until Smelly armpit
Location: Melaka
Purpose: Eat, eat n eat
Time Spend: 5 hours
The Gang:
(the person who u can say anything about her as long as u put the word 'mei' as in pretty at the front of the sentence! for example when u want to call her aunty, make sure u call her Mei aunty! then she is happy.. hiak hiak... siao poh),

Sunny (the always hamsap who has specific time to do his breeding exercise, 8pm-10pm to be precise, if u want to ask him for dinner make it is before or after the allocated time, or else he wont entertain u.. he needs to be in his room),
Nicky (the person who always when go for hair cut ask the hair-dresser to give him the hair cut that make him look thinner, terbalik kena shot by the stylish saying why not he try exercising instead.. doink doink) > four of us in one car!! and another two (titi and donna --> forbidded to talk about their relationship) in another car... hiak hiak hiak

Summary of event:
10.45am (roughly)
depart for melaka the four of us.. with hungry stomach as me and sunny did not get any food before hand. Luckily pretty May tapao some siew pao for us when we meet up at nicky's place... then off we go!! Before leaving, we were actually contemplating whether to just go jalan-jalan cari makan around Klang Valley or waste the money to go down to Melaka… I am for anything as long as good food goes into my system… so after just a brief hmm… Melaka we went!!

12.30pm (really din take note of the time, saje saje lah)
Reached our first destination:
SATAY (which have satay babi, purpose was to eat the chu yok satay.. hiak hiak)
The shop:
Located at Kota Laksamana, the shop lot tat is parallel to the Kumon Centre’s shop lot and facing the sea.
Not as good as I expected them to be, hmmm maybe I am not so use to eating ZuZu satay.. so I only ate 5 sticks (well I was saying my stomach for chicken rice and cendol)… Nicky was our record holder- eating 25 sticks despite the fact that he was actually suppose to be on strict diet so tat he can pass his SIA interview the following weekend… So much for ur hot sexy bod honey!! Hahaha! Sunny and May managed to almost hit the 20 sticks mark..
Price: RM0.50 per stick regardless of the type of meat!
Hmmm… I would give it a 5/10 (heard that it is not the best one in town and because I did not eat that much of it) the satay sauce however was quite unique, it is a mixure of normal satay sauce with pineapple.. creating a more tangy feel to it!

An hour later:
Melaka Famous chicken rice ballz
The Shop:

The one that is on ur right as u pass the bridge, coming in from the red red building (sorry ah… history louya, cannot recall the name of that square/ building).. it is the shop tat is quite rundown with quite big signage located right beside the river)
I was always a fan of chicken rice… but this time round, the ballz were not really nice.. the chicken however was soft, moist and smooth to the mouth.. UH lala…
Managed to eat 3 ballz… nicky again our champion ate about 8 balls (as usual.. )
We paid RM4.50 each x 6 = RM27, we had half chicken and 4 plates of ballz… each plate with 5 balls) so u do the calculation… hehehe….
I love the chicken so I give them a 7/10 but the rice only 2/10 in my books…

After chicken rice… some of our stomach was already bloated (ahem Sunny, almost need to unfasten his belt- good thing his laopoh not here or else kena pull ear for overeating)… so we decided to take a walk around the street of Melaka, the famous Jonker street… we are sort of like tourists.. going into shops looking at souvenirs under the blazing hot sun… armpit watery, and even other parts of the body was excreting salty water… hiakhiak…

Din manage to buy anything as I was under limited funds… coz need to save money to buy house mah.. hahaha… after just walking for least then half and hour… there we go… the famous durian chendol store was rite in front of us… It was like Heaven’s gate… in front of us.. Luring us in… ALLELUAI!!! I love the interior of this cendol shop… Typical old Melaka shop house,… it gave us the feeling of olden days Melaka… but I forgot to take photos.. darm…was too busy savoring on my durian chendol… YUMZ!!!

The Food:
Dessert (durian chendol)
The Shop:
Along Jonker street.. slightly after geographer… it sells excellent laksa and cendol.. it is in a middle shop lot.. really cant remember what is the name… sorry!
After a hot sweaty day outside.. the first taste of the cendol was MAGICAL!!! The cooling effect… unforgettable… However, I would enjoy it more if I have more durian paste!! Cant really taste the durian!! Haiz…
per bowl… cheap for the satisfaction that it brought me!!!
almost perfect but still lacking on the amount of durian paste that the laopan niang gave us!! Hehehe…

After chendol we continue walking coz my main reason of going to Melaka was to get me some of those delicious pineapple tarts! Got 2 boxes… the shop was recommended by Sunny but… when I got a taste of the tarts.. it wasn’t up to my expectation.. damn Sunny… only give them tarts a 3/10…

I am in search for the best pineapple tarts… anybody know where I can get them?? Or u bake them for muah?? Coz the best so far I tried was baked by my mum’s bff… until now ‘NOTHING COMPARES! NOTHING COMPARES to u~~~~” hahaha… but she is no longer staying in Miri so I cant have them during Chinese new year dy… huhuhu..

So Help me go figure where I can find the best pineapple tart plz!!!

The Famous Melaka CHicken Rice Ballz

Ms May aka her mother say she is MEI!

The Porky Satay

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