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Monday, November 26, 2007
Tag by Evie

hmmm.... here I was enjoying reading blogs on a lonely Friday Night in my Hotel Room in Penang.. knowing tat some people out there are having fun at a certain Hotspot in The curve.. laughing away, crapping away, sweeping away (this is calv.. but from his feedback he din do much sweeping) and most importantly dancing away (hope evie wont get back cramp.. coz sudah tua.. tak boleh grind masih nak grind.. haiz... some more without me!!).. read Evie's blog and saw her aunty Looking photo slap rite in front of my screen (almost kena nightmare).. hahah.. but it was actually how she looked like when she first started working at a certain magazine place (bluek)... heheh.. which made me have a short reflecting session (humming the tune ~MEMORIES~ )..

hiak hiak hiak... i've been tag to put on my most stupid picture of yourself doing the most stupid / lame / weird / embarassing act that someone asked you to pose for a picture (copy paste exactly from Evie's blog)... and then ta another 5 person to do it!

So EnJoy!!

hmm... after searching high and lows... inside and outside of my computer.. this is the photo that i got... coz really hard for me to get a stupid photo (as stupid ones will be immediately deleted).. futher more i always look hot posing in my signature 45 degree head shot look... hiak hiak...

I din delete this stupid looking photo coz it is hard to get a bunch of crazy women drunk and do crazy things... things tat happened before and after this photo was taken is strictly 18SX.. heheheh... And futher more i am putting this up without the permission from the ladies... hiak hiak... but i will bare all consequences... heheheh....( am bound to kena shoot!!) all to keep Calv's Tag alive... heheheh....

Ok... photo taken at Luna Bar...celebrating 2 colleague's farewell... Donna and Jess... things got quite out of hand.. after just a few shots of vodka... this is to show that we are always good girls and just a bit of drink will make us go Kar-A-Zee!! hehehe... sorry Evie.. din bawa u to this place.. hehehehe...

So here u are folks... My Most Stupidest Photo... hehehe... Girls Gone WIld Wrongly!! Hope u guys wont puke ur lunch out while looking at the photos!! Cheers!!

So here are the 5 person that i wanna tag:

1. Onn ONn

2. Nis NIs

3. Mal

4. Sista

5. Ira!

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  • At November 28, 2007 at 4:42 PM, Blogger x said…

    your teteh got become one big one small or not after so many hands picik ...wukakakka...maybe it turned into the one one in the picture i send you ....wukakakakkaa

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