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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I would like to take some time to write about my weekend....

Well.... since my dear is working outstation I had a free weekend and coincidentally it was the weekend Ms Evie set to get her things done and do some shopping for her oh-so 'special' night.. then again they have been doing it already soooo i wonder how special it would be... wakakak (ok ok! don angry Ms Evie) I know it would be special as it would be the night you unleash the wild side of you...

Anyways... the weekend was supposed to be Evie shopping for her stuff... she spending money.. And I was pretty controlled throughout the entire shopping trip at Pavillion.... so spent nothing other than on Lunch and the RM15 dollars parking.. might as well park JOckey like Nicole only RM18... shit... but than again i think nobody would layan my Alonso (wakkak... satria)....

Soo..... ya.... then came Kariza... due to the big hype Evie had on this place, well this clothing item... I was expecting to get myself a piece or two ... well... we spent 2 hours there and I got 2 pieces there and it was a whopping RM400 total... well... at least there is 1000+ ways to wear it ... figuratively it would be like i am getting 1000 skirts for RM 400....that will be RM0.40 per skirt... (YEAH RIGHT!! that is wat i was telling myself to make myself feel better for i think it was a mistake getting them)... Me and Evie had deep thoughts after the purchase and thought that we could actually get better patters and do it outselves... well if Mae Mae would help... wakakka... coz i know nuts about sawing...

Anyways ya... RM400 fly just like tat (hope my dear dont see this).... because of this Kariza we got home late and got ready late for dinner and by the time we are ready for dinner it was 10.30pm.... *pulling hair!!! all the place we intended to go was no longer serving food....
So some Kuciao bellboy from Ritz Carlton suggested Shook at Star HIll.... ate a RM50 fettucine carbonara served only with bacon bitz.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... anyways... if it was great food i would not mind paying... franking i cook better pasta.. wakka

Wel.... I would like to write more about the entire weekend... but i am getting lazy... dont want to use my brain dy.... off working hours.. want to go home and cook myself some pasta... wakakak...

But Sunday was great ... ate at Bubba Shrimp, finally got to meet Mae Mae... ya.... MaeMae sooo shy... but i know somewhere inside her is a loud person waiting to jump out... welll i will see more of her loud side during Evie's bachelor party.....

So there you go... my weekend... money spent now have to think of a way to get back some of those money....

Anyways... am looking forward to this Thursday... going to Penang.. wakakakka..... for a long weekend... YEAH!!!!!!!

and evie... get my house done SOON!!!

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