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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Its one of those days that you feel sorry for yourself... wondering what the F*** u are doing with your life... is there more to life than coming to work - sitting in front of the computer - working your arse off (with a bit of net browsing ..*shush) and at the end of the day return home and wait for the next day to come and doing the same thing again.... Maybe it is just me.. (no life... sudah jadi ah-mah) .. i really need to find something to do that will bring back the fire in me... something that would make me look forward to the days to come.... I am feeling a bit drained......

I do not know what I am going to do to change how I am feeling now but definitely I need to do something... I love dogs, travelling and eating... wonder where can i go from there.... take up a hobby.. or maybe just go to church and pray (mum will be glad! Praise the Lord she will say!).. I need to find myself and do something I like to do... We are growing old by the seconds... need to take up the courage and make the change.... or else we would just look back and say 'what if'...

I have a great relationship with my family and my dear dear, that is something I am thankful for.... so this is where reality set in again... need to be mature cant take the risk to do something else ... so at the end of the day... it is still returning to the old ways and waiting for the day I will feel like this once again... SAD CASE!!!

I might not take a big risk of stopping my job and start doing something I like... but I will definitely find something to do that will fulfill at least a bit of my life purpose wakakak... volunteer at SPCA... wat say you??

*Oh ya one more thing... MS EVIE NG aka Calvin's wife.... You are supposed to take the keys from me this morning.. where were you!!! *FUMING WITH ANGER!!! you are soooo dead meat... heheheh

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