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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
What I want for Christmas....
I know I know... christmas is still two months plus away but hey I need to at least alert u guys sooo u all will start saving up some money to help me fulfill my wishlist right???

Ok... so I will keep it to the list of ten (dont know if i can find ten things to wish for or if i will have trouble narrowing it down...) but ya... after reading this blog kindly put ur name at the comment column and which item you are going to get me... wakakakak... (in no particular order... coz I love them all the same)

1. Sunglasses - Gucci dragonfly shades
Been wanting to get this since 3 years ago... it might be out of fashion but I still love it and still want it... not that expensive ... hmmm... wonder why i did not buy them... but anyways... i still want them sooo please ....

2. Laptop - 15 inch ultra slim MacBoook Pro
Been needing to get a new computer since God knows when... and was saying to myself need to put aside some money monthly to save enough to get myself one... since I am no where new my goal... anyone willing to help me out?? please find in yourself a generous heart to help poor me... PUH-LEAZE!!!

3. Holiday

I love travelling and some times i really want my family to be able to enjoy what i enjoyed... so i really wish for us to make a trip to a beautiful beach resort (outside Malaysia of coz) so that we can experience a true vacation... So Mum if you are reading this.... bring us to Phuket, Bali, even Koh Samui.. and if you really want to splurge maybe Maldives.. but ultimate beach experience BORA BORA please..... hehehehe

4. Ultimate spa treatment (3 hours minimum)

I am a sucker for massages.... must get them once a month (well if wallet permits) but the ones i go is only 1 1/2 hours soooo I would really like to experience something that is at least 3 hours... sooo please make my dream come true....oh... i enjoy the soft massages aromatherapy type,.. not the hard core thai massage).. was kind of hoping to go for the Ultimate Manja package at Vila Manja for Evie's bridal shower (5hours plus) only RM300 what a steal but need to go in group of six... as normal per person is RM578... but... nuff said.. please get this for me as well.....

5. Handbags

Love handbags... from night market type to designer type... though i have a lot that is from in-between the two ends... soo you could get me something nice and unique from the night market in Bangkok or splurge a bit on me with this Michael Kors cashmere handbag (simple)... either way I will be happy.... oh ya and according to E... fringe is in this season... so what the heck....

6. Kariza

Was introduced to this beautiful piece of garment by Miss Evie... 1 garmet 100 ways of wearing them... wow... need to get my hands on them soon... but you could also get me one.... I think this is highly affordable... Do visit their website at http://www.karizadesigns.com/

7. A ring

Wakkkaka... this is added just to give some hint to somebody... wakakka ....... but if anyone wants to buy me diamond you are most welcome.... I do not need Tiffany & CO... Diamond and Platinum will do... wakakka... I love cross pendants...

8. Christian Louboutin

Every girl must owned at least a pair or two or three of Louboutin.... designs are simple yet sooo sexy.... Drool... please get me one.....

9. Perfume

Ah.... this is more affordable for anyones pocket... love perfumes.. love collecting them... but this 2 are the ones that I want but then again anything that comes in a nice bottle and spells sweet I would love... If u want to see what kind of perfume I adore... go check of Ferragamo Incanto (the blue bottled one) and J.Lo Live (the light green bottle one).... then u will roughly know my taste...

10. I-phone:
Envy my sister.. she got it for herself in Australia... way much cheaper... so sista if you are reading this... get me one!!!! (wakakakka... and she is younger than me and still studying but she pockets more money than my peanut paying job... so.... *with a cute face- hands clasp together - pretty please...

* Please note that these are only material things that I wish for... it does not mean i do not wish for other things... I pray every night for Love, Health and Peace for my love ones... Since this is all written by God I shall only consult him on it...heheheh...
So til then... enjoy saving your money to fulfill my wishlist... thanks in advance.....

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