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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
To those who are joining hands in holy matrimony...

Tonnes of weddings going on this months... I think for those who have lots of frens, chances for them to have frens who are getting married this month is very very high and it is also the time to see your wallet bleed... hahaha... from the 'joy' of receiving the big bomb to attending the wedding.... your wallet will bleed for sure.. aside from the angpows.. there is the bachelor night you need to bring the "soon to be not single person" to (*zzz.. evie and ah per) - guess most of you know the amount of money spent for a hot night out, nice food and booze.. zzzz..... then there is this colour coordinated theme for what you wear during the reception, the tea ceremony (zzz... if you are the Heng Tai (brothers) or the Ji Muis (sisters))... which means going to Robinson to get those dresses when it is on 50% discount (wkakakak.... yup buy on sales or else my wallet will not only bleed... it will just be buried, no chance of being resuscitate to life....

Wakakak... ok ok.. i am going out of point... the point is I am writing this to wish all the soon to be husbands and wives a holy matrimony.....and hope you cherish every moment of it... do not let the pre-wedding burden get to you... if u can go through this wedding preparation in peace with minimal arguements (for sure would have at least one or two), chances are you will do just fine in your new life....

So Have fun and enjoy... Oh ya... being maid of honour.. i was requested to do a speech during the dinner... soooo as usual i googled on how to write a MOH speech and try to see what i can come out with.. so Evie if the speech seems to be in bits and pieces that is because it was cut and paste from all over google... wakakka... but i will try to make it flow as nice as possible and add some personal touches here and there... =.=' huhuhuh.....

So i am leaving you will a poem I found from poemsforfree.com.... kekekeke

Marriage is the union of
A greater sum than two in love.
Relatives are made by rites
Relating in-laws to delights.
In bringing families together,
A million lives are changed forever.
Go then in joy, yourselves to please:
Each love shapes many destinies
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